About Our Team

Experience The Difference

Focus '91 Photography Studio has been serving Regina and area for over 30 years. When you’re thinking of having a portrait taken with Focus '91, contact us either by email, or telephone. It’s so easy.


You’ll be greeted by a friendly voice who will ask some questions and make an appointment for a planning meeting with Joanna, where such things as style, location and wardrobe will be discussed. She will lead you through the process and explain how things work at Focus '91.


A convenient time will be set up for the portrait. During the portrait session, both Larry and Joanna will be there to assist you.


Shortly after the portrait session, you will have another appointment to view your images, select your favourites and place your order. These selections are then sent to Darlene in our Art Department who will perfect the images and send them to our in-house printer.


Our production staff will put on the finishing touches, and assemble your order, then call to let you know when it’s ready for pick up. This process takes about four weeks.


One of the reasons that we have been able to be in business for this length of time is because our clients enjoy the experience.


And … they love how they look in the finished photographs. If you want to look a few years younger or slimmer, you’ve come to the right place; we can do it all for you with no pain involved.

Larry Raynard

At an early age Larry always enjoyed his Art classes even though there was not much credence given to Art at that period in the school system. Even though it might only be drawing the Mountie on his pencil set it was always something he appreciated. Various Art classes through the years mostly seemed designed to fill in time or were regarded as a spare. Then in Grade 12 his position as yearbook editor found him looking for more interesting photos to include in the book, beyond the snapshots that were always the norm. Although his parents Instamatic didn’t get him much beyond the snapshots, he was able to get some more dynamic angles like from the top of the basketball hoop or any new angle that increased interest.

Fast forward to University days and he was taking photos with the little Instamatic that his parents had lent him, and wasn’t satisfied with the inconsistent results. On a road trip to Vancouver he borrowed his friend’s Nikon and the friend got his car for the weekend. The camera was worth more than the car so he didn’t really worry too much. That opened his mind to a whole new universe. With the right tools he knew he could create a much better photograph. By his final year in University he graduated with a BA majoring in English and Psychology. During this year he made a defining moment in his life by purchasing a simple SLR camera with which to experiment. After a year of learning and setting up a darkroom of his own he had found his purpose. To facilitate his journey to become a professional photographer he enrolled in the Banff School of Fine Arts. There along with photography, he studied all the technical aspects of photography as well as historical processes including silk screening and design. Graduating in 1977 with a Diploma in Visual Communications he immediately found employment in his chosen field. After working and learning the business of photography, he started his own business in 1980. Larry’s goal has always been to exceed expectations with the highest quality and best service. To that end he has succeeded with fine portraits hung in homes all over Regina.

Joanna Kirsch

Joanna has many wonderful memories of growing up in Regina.

After completion of her Senior Matriculation from Martin Collegiate, she began her career as a public relations expert, with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, where she worked for ten years.

University then became a priority. Joanna graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Arts degree in languages. Her second working phase was with the U of R in the Germanic and Slavic Department, where not only her language skills were very useful, but also her public relations skills. She was involved in university life for ten years.

The third phase of her professional life began in 1990, when she joined Larry in his photography studio, Focus 91. During these last twenty odd years she has honed her skills in public relations, and the photographic industry. As well as office management and marketing, Joanna’s position within this company is portrait consultations and design. She is very proud to be a member of the Focus 91 team.    

Darlene Barss

Darlene graduated with a diploma from the SIAST Applied Photography program in 2000. While she was in the program, she came to Focus 91 Photography for the work placement component shortly before graduation and simply never left. Darlene began her career at Focus 91 primarily in the B&W darkroom and assisted in other areas of the studio. Some of those areas being the photo retouching/finishing area, event photography, or as a photographer’s assistant. As the studio transitioned to the digital world, so too did Darlene’s position to being responsible for Focus 91’s digital imaging needs. With the combination of a base knowledge of photoshop from SIAST, on the job training and Photoshop seminars Larry and Joanna sent her too, she has become an expert in the program. She is able to use those skills to enhance the images Larry has taken to bring out the best in the image and the people in them. Darlene takes great pride in making people happy with their image. Photography, music, drumming, dancing, theatre and friends and family are all things that enrich and make Darlene’s life a happy one. Darlene has a passion for music and listens and sings while she works. Going to live music venues and music festivals gives her great joy. In the fall of 2016, Darlene got a role in a Regina Little Theatre play and has been acting and working backstage for many other productions. The biggest accomplishment in her life has been the raising of her son. Devin was born in 1993 with a chronic illness and has had many struggles in his early years. The flexibility granted her by Larry and Joanna has made it possible for her to manage the care for her son and keep on working. She has greatly appreciated that flexibility and working for some great people since 2000.